Creating your own avatar: How visualising can change your destiny

Creating your own avatar: How visualising can change your destiny

​In marketing, the term “avatar” is used to ​summarise a visual, behavioural, demographic representation of a customer that a business may wish to target, or at least understand better.

In personal development terms, many of us have been doing this for years, whether it’s simply basing our behaviours on a role model who is close to us – sibling or teacher – or more recently on celebrities, or people of great influence such as politicians and human rights activists.

While this may work in terms of self-improvement, any success is achieved in quite a selective way. What I mean by that is that when we look up to others and base our own habits on what we perceive theirs to be, we tend to pick up on a narrow focus of character traits and behaviours that particularly appeal to us and thus we limit our own development to a narrow range of looks, behaviours and characteristics.


So what is visualisation? Put simply, what it means is that rather than copying certain characteristics of those you admire, you create a complete and whole person, or “avatar” of the person you want to be. It’s a process of accepting and wanting change. It may seem radical but the practice is nothing new. I have been using this method successfully to improve my performance and to maintain focus on my goals. What’s more, using visualisation I have coached people to be better public speakers, cope with anxieties and improve their inner strength.

How does it work?

At Calm People, the most successful visualisations we have used have been those where, before starting to focus on the end result, we spent considerable time analysing, reflecting and ​describing the change that we wanted to effect. This is where building an avatar comes in.

If you wish to put some emotional or behavioural change in your life, or you wish to “be that person”, it is really worthwhile building a complete avatar of who you wish to change into: how will you hold yourself in terms of body posture? What clothes and style will you adopt? How will you sound? What will your interests be? What character traits will be most obvious? Which ones will be there in the background? These are just a few of the things you should consider as you build a detailed picture of the person you want to be.

Once you have this avatar in place, the rest is relatively simple in terms of making time each day to relax completely, using meditation to visualise yourself being this person in absolute terms.

With visualisation you really can be the person you want to be. To find out more, seek out a good practitioner who can guide you on the way to being your ideal representation of yourself. You won’t look back!

Julian Hall
Julian Hall is the founder of Calm People, specialists in emotional resilience, anger and stress. Calm People works with individuals and large corporations across the UK to improve their emotional wellbeing, or that of their workforce, by developing and implementing tailored, supported programmes designed to yield positive, actionable results for both the businesses and individuals involved. Julian is also the creator of a project known as My Internal World (, launched in the UK in 2017, and which aims to help people worldwide understand themselves and improve their emotional health.

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