Yoga flow: Spring detox

Yoga flow: Spring detox

This twisty flow is a great way to help your body detox after the winter months helping to de-stress, detox and strengthen your back.

In this flow Rebecca from Yoga Senses takes us through the first stage of our detox twisty flow, this short flow can be used on it’s own as a quick energy booster or combined with other videos for a longer flow.

In this series we’ll be focusing on building a flow made up of twists and poses that aid detoxification and give us that spring feeling we’re all craving after the long winter.

Benefits of Yoga Twists

Detox and digestive function

Yoga twists increase blood flow to your digestive organs, we know that with increased activity, blood flow also increases to provide muscles with a steady supply of oxygen to keep them working. However, increased blood flow also means higher cellular detoxification as blood carries waste products away. During a yoga twist you put pressure on the digestive organs and as you move through the twist you go from he restricting blood flow to the organ, to allowing a surge of oxygenated blood back to the system.

Spinal rotation

Yoga twists are great for the back as they work muscles that can become stiff over time, and ones that we may not be actively engaging when working at a desk. I know after a day at work, a twist is perfect to iron out the aches and pains that have developed, strengthening these muscles regularly will also lead to a stronger back and less back pain.


Yoga twists are also associated with lowering levels of anxiety. During a twist you aim is to lengthen the muscles in your neck and back, as a result you also open up the shoulders and the chest as you sit up straight.

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