Yoga Flow: Sun Salutation with pigeon pose

Yoga Flow: Sun Salutation with pigeon pose

Another quick flow that’s perfect for busy days; sun salutation and pigeon pose.

In this video Rebecca from Yoga Senses talks us through salute to the sun, which you will have seen in her previous video, with an added pose, pigeon. Pigeon pose is a great hip opener but also brilliant for relaxation.

I personally find that hip openers are helpful for my back, they get right into the hip flexors, loosening them off and taking the strain away from the lower back. During a yoga session pigeon is always the point for in which I feel it’s time to relax!

There are many variations and adaptations of the basic pigeon pose, and whilst it looks easy, it can take a bit of getting into.

The wonder Rebecca has included a beginners adaptation in the video so make sure you take it at your own pace, and enjoy!

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